Who needs to file an Income Tax return?

A common assumption is that only business owners need to file a personal tax return. In fact, quite a number of other people must complete a return.

Basic Rule

You must file a return if your non-PAYE income is higher than can be catered for by Revenue adjusting your credits and allowances. In practice, this is about €3,510.

Certain categories of people must always file a return, regardless of amount e.g.

  1. Proprietary directors owning over 15% of a company even if paying PAYE
  2. Employees who receive share options.

Some other examples of income which can mean your having to file a return are


  1. Business profits
  2. Deposit Interest
  3. Loan interest receivable
  4. Rental Income
  5. Mutual Funds
  6. Capital Gains

If you need help with a tax return you should get professional advice

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